Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Booties update #2

So I finished my friend's order and sent it 2 days ago. She asked me to make 2 booties which is a mary jane booties and a boot, 3 fabric flower headbands for her 2 months daughter and 2 ponytails for herself. She is going to crochet hats for her daughter so the yarns below is the colour she asked for.And there are some extras inside the package. I hope she like everything inside the package ^^

This is my first time making boot and she even personally chose the yarn which is Japanese wool yarn. Well.. actually I don't really like the yarn. Not only it looks too bulky for the boot but it made my palm sweat as well. On top of that the wool fibers were all over my palm and when I unconsciously touch my eyelid it makes my eyes itchy. All of it paid of when I see the result. I will try making boots again next time but using cotton yarn instead :D

This cuffed booties is my sis in law's order.. She is gonna present it to her friend.

This is custom made ballerina booties for my store customer. And this booties fresh me up because it's not PINK LOL

Bye, happy crocheting, everyone!